August 7, 2022 - Leveling Routes

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August 7, 2022 - Leveling Routes

First things first...

Our goal is to provide a fun experience for ALL play styles. In order to serve all groups of players, we are splitting up the concept of the realm timer in a way that addresses both non Battlegroup players and Battlegroup players alike. This, combined with the realm loyalty incentives (viewtopic.php?t=69), will result in players picking and sticking with a realm both for the day as well as in the long term.

Upon participating in any Frontier activity, the player account will trigger the following:

1 hour Frontier Ream Timer lockout period for both other realms. You can switch realms for PvE zones, but you will not be able to enter the frontier zone. Battlegrounds do not count.
12 hour Siege Warfare RP timer for both other realms. You will not receive any realm points for keeps, towers, or relic related activities (captures, defense ticks, etc). You will still receive realm points from player kills.

And now the fun stuff...
As we get closer to alpha next week on August 20th, we wanted to take a moment and share with you the various leveling paths that will be available.

Something for everyone...
We know everyone is different. Some players only have 30 minutes to solo and some players will rally their friends and dig in for hours. With that in mind, we wanted to create choices for leveling with each having their own unique benefits. Let's take a moment to talk through the main paths that will be available to you the moment you step foot in your home realm on Eden.

This will be the base experience that players have come to know and love over the past 20 years. Eden has managed to perfectly recreate exact mob + npc locations from live servers (don’t ask how, this is our talented developer team’s magic). There is still some polishing to do during Alpha and Beta, but this means the information found on your favorite websites are highly likely to be accurate on Eden as well. This was no small task, we hope you enjoy!

The equipment drop rate will be the lowest in these zones as they are the safest, but rest assured those who explore will be rewarded with a higher drop rate from the rare named mobs that roam the lands.

- Safe from PvP
- Lowest RoG drop rate
- Low chance for procs on weapons and armor
- Rare named mobs with higher RoG drop rate

Fortune favors the bold. Classic and Shrouded Isles dungeons will provide the highest yield of armor, weapon, and jewelry drops while leveling. Find yourself lacking in the equipment department? Head into your nearest dungeon to hunt down the named bosses scattered throughout the winding corridors and tunnels for the highest equipment rewards while leveling. Keep in mind there will also be additional end game dungeons, such as Epic SI dungeons (Caer Sidi, Tuscaren Glacier, Galladoria) that we will discuss in a future announcement.

Each dungeon has also received an Explorer quest to defeat all of the bosses within. For those who undertake the challenge, they will be rewarded handsomely in experience, gold, equipment, and fame.

-Dungeons custom tuned to make mob level gradually increase while leveling. All bosses old and new implemented.
-Dungeon quests available at lvl 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40
-Quest line for each dungeon with xp and gold rewards
-Highest RoG drop rate
-Bosses have near guaranteed RoG drops with a high chance for procs on weapons and armor
-Unique title "Dungeon Crawler" for completing all dungeon questlines

For those who want to hone their skills and jump into the fight, the battlegrounds will be available from the moment you first step foot in your chosen realm. With brackets every 5 levels between 1 and 49 and a wide array of monsters, quests, objectives, and enemy players - one could easily level entirely in the battlegrounds. Our objective is to tune the play time and experience so that battleground leveling will be on par with the classic leveling path.

-Dangerous, but rewards realm points
-Repeatable objective based quests and other mission-based objectives
-Increased experience and RoG drop rate from killing enemy players & guards
-High experience for capturing the keep
-Very high RoG drop rate from killing the captain/lord

Darkness falls is an iconic and terrifying experience. Adventurers have as much chance to die at the hands of a seductive demon as they do an enemy of the realm. While we will be keeping the overall layout and monster systems the same, the seal rewards will see a marked improvement. This will provide not only powerful weapons, armor, and jewelry that can be purchased with seals, but your efforts will be on full display with impressive glowing weapons.

-Increased XP % for an RvR zone
-Seal merchants with improved equipment
-Realm points from realm vs realm

Risk vs reward. Only the bravest venture out into the frontiers to level as there is always the chance to be discovered by the enemy realms. With that risk however comes great reward. There are certain monster camps in new frontiers that are especially densely populated, creating an allure for groups that excel in aoe killing. This will be useful for groups of all level ranges, including powerleveling, and applies to both NF + Passage of Conflict (PoC).

-Realm points from realm vs realm
-Most densely populated camps for aoe and powerleveling
-Increased XP % for an RvR zone

With the many different leveling paths and pros and cons of each, we hope this creates fun and interesting decisions for the player. Level up completely one way for your first character then spice things up with a new path the next time. Or mix and match them all based on what you need and want! The Eden world is yours to explore.

Eden Staff
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