July 31, 2022 - Realm Loyalty

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July 31, 2022 - Realm Loyalty

Future Eden Players,

We are so excited to share with you something that we feel gets at the very core of the Dark Age of Camelot experience; The understanding that when you first join a realm, you are entering into an unspoken commitment to join your realm mates in fighting against enemy forces and defending your realm from invaders. With that in mind we would like to announce the realm loyalty system for Eden!

Up until this point, there hasn't been much incentive to remain loyal to your realm. The new realm loyalty system looks to reward those who fight exclusively for their realm and create a sense of recognition and unity. The rewards extend beyond the individual. They are gifted with abilities that they can bestow upon their realm mates.

Building realm loyalty takes time and commitment. It favors those who consistently remain loyal to a single realm over a long period of time. It requires action. Fighting for your realm in the frontiers builds loyalty, but be careful, betraying your realm will have consequences.

0 to 100
The realm loyalty system is based on a 0 to 100 point scale. Points are accrued or lost based on daily action. There are milestone rewards such as 25 loyalty points to unlock a skin or 100 to unlock an ability; and then there are scaling rewards, for example simply having 18 loyalty points will give you 18% of the maximum reward.

Earning Points
- Obtain 500 rps, within a 24 hour period, in the frontiers, to earn 1 point for that realm. This will also decrease your loyalty to each of the other realms by -4.
- Capture a relic and earn an additional 1 point for that realm. You cannot earn more than 1 point per day from relic capping.
- Loyalty cannot go below 0.

Example: You earn 500 RPs on Mid in the frontiers, then you switch and earn 500 RPs on Hib in the frontiers. You were not very loyal that day!

500 RPs on Mid = +1 Mid, -4 Hib, -4 Alb
500 RPs on Hib = -4 Mid, +1 Hib, -4 Alb
Total that Day = -3 Mid, -3 Hib, -8 Alb

This means that it will take roughly 100 days of continuous support before achieving the max reward. A true testament to one’s loyalty. Players can still choose to switch realms, but if you help one realm in the frontiers, it will significantly reduce your loyalty on the opposing 2 realms!

The Rewards
  • Milestone rewards at 25, 50, 75, 100 realm loyalty - including but not limited to
  • Titles
  • Realm cloak
  • Reskins including a full realm specific armor reskin called "good" armor
  • At 100 realm loyalty (max), access to a new skill which provides a 1 hour duration pbaoe buff to all realm mates within 1k range granting 100% xp/craft speed (both subject to a 200% cap). Useable once every 12 hours. Gather your fledgling realm mates for the bonus, or make a surprise visit to the crafters in your capitol city!
  • Scaling XP bonus - max 50% (stacks when grouped up to 200%). This means 1 realm loyalty point = 0.5% xp. For example, your group has a total of 400 realm loyalty therefore has 200% bonus xp.
  • Scaling crafting speed bonus - max 50%
  • Scaling siege damage bonus - max 25%
  • Scaling repair bonus - max 100%
  • Scaling eden token bonus - max 25%
  • Max realm loyalty characters will be denoted in the /who command.

But that's not all...

Realm pride would mean nothing without the leaders who unite the masses. With this in mind, Eden will include rewards, recognition, and ways to progress for those who take on the heavy burden of leading battle groups.

The Rewards
Battlegroup leaders will be able to rally their troops by utilizing the /banner command. This will only be usable when the battlegroup has 16+ players in the bg.
The ability to /banner is unlocked after successfully leading a bg and taking 10+ keeps, 5+ Epic Dungeon kills, or 5+ Dragon kills with at least 16+ players.
There will be a separate leaderboard on the herald and stats tracked in game for battlegroup leaders that include the number of keep takes, tower takes, relic takes and defenses.
Special titles for battlegroup leaders at 100, 500, and 1000 keep takes.

Eden Staff
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