Welcome to Eden !

Eden is a Dark Age of Camelot Free Shard, which will be available in the near future. (Fall 2022)

Our goal is to offer an experience similar (but not identical) to the official servers Bossiney / Glastonbury.

Don't hesitate to Check our FAQ for more informations


Future Eden players,

In this weekly announcement, we are excited to share more about our planned PvE progression and leveling. From a macro level, one of our new guiding principles is that we want to allow players to enjoy their preferred playstyle, but without forcing one as “must play.” We also want to spice up historically boring game systems to become more objective-based, so that you have clear goals to accomplish every time you log in. On Eden, you will have two main options for PvE progression and leveling.

First, if nostalgia is what you seek, you will be able to level in the traditional classic worlds with livelike mob camps. This is the group-up-and-grind system that you have been accustomed to for the past twenty years. Here, we plan to better utilize the classic zones; specifically dungeons which will have new unique incentives for exploring as well as rewarding loot from named mobs (think Snakecharmer from Vendo Caverns). Additionally, new custom PvE quests, including dailies, will be added to break up the monotony of traditional grinding in addition to helping those progress who only have short play times.

Alternatively, if you aren’t enthused about traditional PvE grinding, we are proud to introduce the concept of battleground leveling from 1-50. In the BGs, you will be able to complete unique, non repeatable quests as well as engage in challenging mob encounters - all while fearing the possibility of RvR against other realms. Player kills will also provide increased experience so the path to 50 can be as safe or dangerous as you want. Note, not one playstyle is intended to be faster or superior than the other!

Lastly, all of these novel PvE systems would not be possible without our server’s stable source code. The developers bringing you Eden have over 50 years of collective experience working on DAOC emulation and have rewritten this server with stability and performance as their main objective. We know how frustrating downtime and crashes can be for players and have made it a top objective to ensure maximum uptime and stability. A major goal for our team is to provide our players a stable, bug-free playing experience so they are able to experience this great game in all of its glory. We are eagerly looking forward to sharing it with you!

We look forward to sharing more about Eden next week.

The Eden Staff