• Basics

  • Realm Timer

    Eden will have a realm timer system.

    Realm timer will start when you engage in any combat in an end game RvR zone.
    Realm Switch timer : 1 hour.
    Siege Warfare realm points timer duration : 12 hours

    More information here

  • Accounts

    One account per player.

    Account sharing will be allowed.

    Multiple players in a household will be allowed.

    Dual logging will not be allowed.

  • Classes & Races

    Eden will not have Catacombs classes. (Bainshee, Vampiir, Valkyrie, Warlock, Heretic)

    Even though Bossiney/Glastonbury had these classes, the majority of the feedback we've received is that most players do not consider that these classes enhance their game experience.

    All races will be available except for the Minotaur (Korazh, Graoch, Deifrang).

  • Server Type & Patch Level

    We are aiming for a server similar to Bossiney / Glastonbury

    The patch level that will be use is around 1.9x.

    This is our starting point, but we plan to add more custom content, QoL change among other things.

    What you can expect is Classic & Shrouded Isles Camps, Dungeons & Epic Dungeons.

  • Master Level & Artifact

    There will be no Master Level and Artifact on Eden.

    The items pool you can expect are from the Classic & Shrouded Isles zones (and more...).

  • Realm Abilities

    The New Realm Abilities system will be used on Eden.

    Some Realm Abilities might be changed/adapted.

  • Character Statistics

    Your character will be able to reach up to 101 in stats.

    ToA specific statistics like Melee Speed Bonus, Casting speed bonus... will also be available.

    But you will not be able to cap every stats on your character and planing carefully your spellcraft will be important.

  • RvR Map

    We will use the New Frontiers map for RvR along with Ellen Vannin (EV). (including Passage of Conflict and Summoner's Hall)

  • Economy and Craft

    Eden will include the following content :

    - A full crafting system (balanced with our target patch)

    - Housing system with market

    - An Economic system

  • Future

    Please visit our Forum's News and Announcements section to see weekly/monthly announcements. We are eager to share the vision with you and answer questions.