July 17, 2022 - Seasons!

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July 17, 2022 - Seasons!

Fall 2022 - A New Season

Future Eden players,

A fresh start! That new server feeling. Leveling up with the guild, just like the good old times. You finally get level 50 and you’re geared out in your new RoGs, epic armor and makeshift template. You go to the Frontiers to conquer the enemy and there it is…the sweet scent of the fresh rr2. This is the feeling we want to preserve on Eden as many view it as the most enjoyable time of a server.

To that point, we will be introducing a few systems never tried before in DAoC:


The first system is Realm Skill Point caps. You will still earn your realm points, no matter what, but the maximum amount of Realm Skill Points you are able to spend will be limited based on the Realm Skill Point cap release schedule. For the first month of the server, the Realm Skill Point cap will be 3L9. The second month will be 4L9. Every week after that, the cap will be increased by 100k. Any Realm Points earned beyond the cap will still count towards your overall realm rank, but the Realm Skill Points available to spend and the +skill will be limited to the current cap. To illustrate, below is a chart for the rough timeline of the Realm Skill Point caps. (Disclaimer: The timeline is subject to change)
The goal with this Realm Skill Point cap is to temporarily level the playing field. This initial 3L9 cap will give more time to the casual players who may not be able to play as much as the hardcore gamers at launch. Keep in mind, the RP rate is not increased on Eden and the first month of the server is generally leveling, crafting, templating, and overall getting ready for RvR. Also, the overall timeline will allow players to create alts, switch realms, or just try out new things without that feeling of falling behind in the RR category. Again, you will always earn your realm points when RvR’ing, only the spendable Realm Skill Points and +skills are capped.

This will also help us introduce another long term project which has never been tried before in DAoC - Seasons!


That’s right, Eden will be the first and only DAoC server to ever introduce the concept of seasonal DAoC. Whether it’s Uthgard, Phoenix, Celestius, or Atlas - we acknowledge all freeshard servers have a limited lifetime which is effectively a “season” of DAoC fun before ultimately decaying. However, all of these freeshards come with complete wipes and can vary wildly in terms of stability. Eden will offer multiple DAoC seasons all in one reliable, stable environment for your enjoyment and ease of play.

By offering a seasonal DAoC experience, it allows us to present alternative rulesets that may have different end-game objectives (Homeland Invasion/King assasination) or slightly less popular but highly requested (PvP Ruleset) rulesets, or even a chance to experience DAoC in an accelerated timeline (Progression Server with releasing expansion patches). We have been diligently building out all the systems needed to support these different types of gameplay! Here are some common questions we anticipate regarding how we will implement seasons:

How long will each season be?
To be completely transparent, it is unknown even to us until later in the season, but it is largely controlled by the community. If players continue to play for 1+ year and the population does not drop to devastatingly low levels, the season will continue as normal. We will be sure to announce at the beginning of each season what the expected timeline is and permanent rewards that will be acquired from participating.

What will reset each season?
To allow for that fresh new server feeling along with the possibility of new rulesets, the following will be reset upon a new season - Realm Skill Point cap, levels, gold, all items. In essence, your character is reset to level 1, but long term progression (non economic) carries over.

What if I don't want to lose my progress?
The following will carry over - character name, crafting skills, player herald stats (Solo kills, Mob kills, Relic takes, Keep takes, etc) and titles, unlockable reskins and effects, housing trophies, and PvE mounts. Also, by using the Realm Skill Point cap system above, this enables us to allow your characters' RPs to persist from season to season. This gives your character a real sense of progression even at the end of a season, while at the same time allows new players to not feel left behind when that new season arrives. Disclaimer, in the event of a new season having a wild ruleset such as PvP, it is likely no RPs would carry over just for that one season.


Oh yea, one last thing - Alpha coming August 20, 2022!

This will be an open alpha test that everyone is invited to participate in! We will be releasing the details in the coming weeks on how to connect and rewards for participating. We also have a character planner that will accompany the alpha. Just like many of you, the Eden team has been playing DAoC for 20+ years on many different servers, but this is truly a new and exciting time for DAoC. We are thrilled to bring you Eden Season 1.

Eden Staff
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