December 6, 2022 - Home Stretch

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December 6, 2022 - Home Stretch

The Eden Beta has reached its end.
On behalf of the staff I want to thank you all that participated in making Eden the best experience it can be. We are overwhelmed by the dedication and the response by our community.

Eden - Call to Arms!
The launch for Eden is confirmed for December 10th! The following event will automatically display the start time in YOUR time zone! For those that achieved lvl 50 during alpha/beta, they will receive an account wide title "Firstling". Any character that reached lvl 50 before i50 will have that character on launch day at level 1 available to play (gold, rps, equipment, stats, etc do not carry over).

In the meantime
Over 500 quest items have been added to the item search page! (items) This will allow players to view epic armor, dragonslayer gear, etc. In addition to the items, a "Copy to Zenkcraft" button has been added to easily export/import items into Zenkcraft!

Also, if you are looking to pass the time, feel free to join us in re-watching these Eden trailers!:

The King's Champion
The kings of the realms are calling all level 50 players to aid them in clearing out demons and monstrosities to keep their realms safe. These new non-instanced dungeons will feature 6 new bosses, culminating in facing off against Azazel! Any brave enough to face these terrors will be rewarded with multiple champion levels worth of xp, as well as a Charred Pentaglyph necklace.

Eden Staff
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