Find Atlantis

In order to get to Atlantis, you will need to take a boat that can be found in the Shrouded Isles zones:

  • Albion: Gothwaite Harbour (31k 54k)
  • Midgard: Aegir's Landing (42k 48k)
  • Hibernia: Domnann (22k 42k)

Once you reach Atlantis you will be able to discover the djinn stones and unlock up to 5 destinations (Havens) to teleport to.

Other areas are discoverable and could be used later on with your personal boat to automatically reach a destination.


All ToA open world zones are now available for you to explore!
Use your personal boat, stablemaster or taxi boats to begin your journey into Atlantis.

  • Ruins of Atlantis
  • Oceanus Hesperos
  • Oceanus Anatole
  • Oceanus Boreal
  • Oceanus Anatole
  • Mesothalassa
  • Stygian Delta
  • Land of Atum
  • Typhon's Reach
  • Ashen Isles
  • Green Glades
  • Arbor Glen


Each starting zone on every realm contains a small set of quests for players between level 25 and 35!

Talk to the local "Atlantis Explorers" to begin your quest!

Artifact Encounter

All armor, weapon or cloak artifact encounters are available.
Artifacts encounter have been recreated to be as close as possible to the original script.

Other artifact encounter might be available (like Egg of Youth, Dream Sphere, Tablet of Atlantis...) but not all of them are currently implemented.

Epic Encounter

Mythical bosses like Leviathan, Kraken, Chimera, Talos are implemented and ready for a fight!

They can drop their dedicated loot and also a fair amount of Atlantean Glasses.
Some bosses will rewards players with keys to open their chests for additional rewards.

Reskin Pattern

Artifacts are not available on Eden S2, but their encounter will always drop a reskin pattern for you to use on the items of your choice!

Note that in order to apply a pattern you will need to defeat the encounter attached to it at least once.


All ToA items are now available for you to use in your template!

Find the named dropping them or collect Atlantean Glasses to buy them at the strange individual in:

  • Albion: Stygian Delta (32k 55k)
  • Midgard: Oceanus Anatole (59k 28k)
  • Hibernia: Oceanus Notos (59k 64k)

Note: All ToA special requirements (vs reptile, vs insect...) present on certain items have been removed.


Atlantis is filled with different types of Afrit.
Afrit will always drop Atlantean Glasses and RoG, the amount of glasses drop will depend on the type of Afrit.

  • Elemental Afrit (for 1/2 players)
  • Afrit (for 3/4 players)
  • Master Afrit (for 8 players)

Personal Boat Customization

Shipwright merchants located near the docks of each Haven are selling hull paint, trim paint and bowsprit to customize your personal boat!
You can find theses merchants near:

  • Hesperos Haven
  • Stygia Haven
  • Anatole Haven
  • Aerus Haven


Like the Classic and Shrouded Isles zones, all remains and trophies have been implemented and ready for you to hunt!

Trophies from dungeons won't be available at the release of S2 but they will be added later in the season.

Last Note

As a reminder, Artifact, Master Level and Dungeons are not implemented (and they will not be added, except for dungeons), only Artifacts appearance and some Master Level bosses are available.

More content for the Trials of Atlantis will be progressively unveiled during S2, so keep an eye open for our patch note!

Have fun discovering / rediscovering Atlantis!