I. Download the Client

To begin your journey on Eden, you will first need to complete a few steps :

  • Download the official client with the button on the right.
  • Install and run the game once (with Camelot.exe or the shortcut on your desktop) to patch your client.
  • OPTIONAL: If you already have DAoC installed, you can simply duplicate your folder and repatch it by using the button "Official Client Update" located on the top right corner of our launcher. (refresh icon)

Warning : Be careful, do not play with a client you already used on another free shard, to avoid crash and conflict. You should always use one client per server.

II. Download our Launcher

When your client is patched and ready :

  • Download our launcher with the button on the right.
  • Install and run the launcher. (do NOT install it inside your DAoC folder)
  • The launcher should auto-detect your DAoC folder path. (if the folder is not detected or incorrect, set the path manually by clicking the folder icon located on the top left of the launcher)
  • Click on "Launch Eden" and you will be prompted to associate your Discord account to log into the game server.

III. Everything set and Ready ?

When everything is done, all you need to do is play!