Welcome to Eden!

Eden is a Dark Age of Camelot Free Shard, which will be available on December 10, 2022.

Our goal is to offer an experience similar (but not identical) to the official servers Bossiney / Glastonbury.

Don't hesitate to Check our FAQ for more informations

   Ask your questions on our Discord.

Changing of the Seasons

July 27, 2023

We wanted to thank everyone for participating in the inaugural season of Eden! We have had the joy of watching all of our players battle it out all across the frontier and have much enjoyed watching all of the epic battles take place.

The last day of Season 1 will be Saturday August 5th. As a reminder, the following will carry from Season 1 to Season 2:

  • Level 50 characters or characters that reached RR2L4 and higher will be reset to level 1 and keep their Realm Rank. Characters that reached neither level 50 nor RR2L4 will not carry over.
  • Realm Points, Crafting Skills, Kill / Raid Stats / Titles and their progress*, & Housing Trophies, and Whistles all carry over! Don’t worry, this will not create problems in the Battlegrounds.
  • Guilds + Alliances will stay as they are, but any progress in the will be reset (merit points, bank,)

Titles require level 50 to transfer. Crafting skills for each realm have no requirements and are account bound.

Don’t like downtime and want to keep up the fight? Don't worry! The normal server will turn into the beta server and you can log in as usual. The Season 2 Beta starts on Sunday, August 6th! Here is what you can expect for the very first weeks of Beta:

  • Comprehensive balance patches!
  • 3 new classes join for the Beta! Heretic, Valkyrie, and Bainshee, all in a more balanced form to fit our setting. Tell us how they feel and we will keep making adjustments!
  • i50 command with easy templating and instant RR. Note that any character using this feature will not save towards S2.
  • A new, quickly changing RR gate so we can test balance at different realm ranks
  • Focused World Event and content tests!
  • QoL changes, core DAoC improvements, and more!

You can only keep progressing characters to reach level 50 and save your name. The RPs and everything else on your characters however will only be saved on August 5th. Characters that used the i50 feature will not be saved at all.

Feature Testing

Along with the balance changes, we will be introducing many new, exciting gameplay features for Season 2 that will require extensive testing. In order to limit the scope of testing at the beginning of the beta, we will not be turning these features on immediately. Instead, we are hoping to introduce the features regularly along with a writeup on the feature and an overall introduction of the mechanics.

From our previous announcement these features will include, but not be limited to:

  • Realm Invasion Testing and explanation of mechanics
  • Tactical Commands
  • World Events
  • 2.0 Release of Deserter AI
  • And many more

After the initial beta release, we will begin slowly introducing these into the world as noted for more intensive testing.

New Online Tools!

May 24, 2023

Online Market Explorer and Buying!

It is with great pride that we officially introduce the new online Market Explorer! With this new feature players will be able to search, browse, filter and even buy items directly from within the browser at!


  • Search and browse by name, realm, class, slot and any combination of stat/bonus/cap/proc/charge or price!
  • Purchase items directly online! Items purchased will automatically pull from your in game gold (with the normal 20% fee) and place the item in the first free slot in your account vault. Keep in mind that items searched in the item section of the website will not only show vendors and monsters that drop that item, but the market explorer listings as well!

World Maps with Monsters!

But wait, there's more! We are proud to announce the most advanced and up to date Online Dark Age of Camelot bestiary and Maps tool ever created!

Visit , or use the /wiki mobs command IN GAME to get started!


  • Search directly for monsters from any realm/zone in the game!
  • Filter map for your level to show monster con compared to your level!
  • Filter map to show only the monster you are looking for.
  • Click on any monster to see their complete loot table, resistances and charmability! (Loot list items link directly to Item and Market Explorer tools!)

For the Realm Rewards

May 22, 2023

For the Realm Rewards

Realm points have been distributed for the "For the Realm" event! Congratulations to everyone!

Give a Little Whistle

Players can acquire whistles for a wide array of furry, feathered and scaled friend, but only one can be summoned at at time. These whistles can also be traded with others to ensure that you find the perfect fit for you.

Some whistles like Luna's Puppy can be purchased from a merchant (Luna coin exchange merchant). Some whistles like the Dragon Hatchlings will be an optional reward for quests (The Younglings Return!).

For whistles that drop in the world, players will have a small (1 in 100) chance to acquire one of the whistles for that animal category.

For example, if a player kills any wolf, of any level and of any type, they will have a 1 in 100 chance to acquire a whistle for a Timber, Gray, Black, White, Demonic or Diseased wolf. Keep in mind that some species are limited (There are only three species of Vipers for example), while some species are quite varied (There are 10 different species of spider that fall into the Arachnid category).

For targeting specific Whistle types, you can use the item search tool to start by searching for a Whistle you would like to get, and clicking on the whistle. This will show all monsters that can drop that specific whistle:

See the list below to see the current animal categories and their list of species available:

Fenrir Bone Weapons

The Fenrir of Yggdra Forest and Uppland will now have a 5% chance to drop a Bone Weapon pattern! The patterns available are:

  • Staff
  • Bow
  • One handed & Offhand - Sword/Axe/Hammer
  • Two Handed - Sword/Axe/Hammer

These can be acquired by any realm and are tradable!

For the Realm Event - Final Scores

May 21, 2023

After a week long of massive battles, the battle din has quieted and we have arrived at the moment you have all been waiting for. The standings for the "For the Realm Event"! Visit to see the final scores as well as the leaderboards for 8v8, 5v5, 2v2 and 1v1s!

In 1st place, and earning 50k realm points for all characters who participated: Albion!

Honorable mentions for battlegroup leaders of Albion: Gilboom, Dio Note: The kills from King of the Hill have been included in the totals kills, however they were NOT counted towards the overall realm score.

In 2nd place, earning 40k realm points for their realm: Hibernia!

Honorable mentions for battlegroup leaders of Hibernia: Boxwood, Ciriz, Liyona, Nullnvoid, Tapeitall

In 3rd place, earning 30k realm points: Midgard!

Honorable mentions for battlegroup leaders of Midgard: Rollyen, Klarinogampros, Mythicilia, Vaggos

King of the Hill

While the scoring and kills for King of the Hill were not counted towards the overall realm scores, we did want to recognize the top 8 players with the most King of the Hill wins: Afran (39), Cher (29), Vegetarian (27), Braxi (27), Lewkii (27), Uth (26), Tay (24), Xxd (23)**

Once again, a sincere thank you to the leaders and all the players who participated in this week's event. Rewards will be tallied and distributed over the coming days (we will make an announcement when this takes place)!

Weekly Competitive

The competitive fair fight leaderboards available at will have their scores frozen for players to reference for the event (until reward distributions). These rolling 7 day leaderboards will be a permanent feature moving forward! Well done to the top players in each category!

Realm Rank Merchants

May 20, 2023

Visit The Discord Announcement for full pictures!

New realm rank merchants have been added to the relic towns! Visit the following merchants once you have reached the correct realm rank to browse their wares (visit to see all weapon effects available):

RR5: At realm rank 5 player earn the ability to acquire the effects otherwise only available to the enemy realms!

  • Crimson Glow Incantations
  • Maleficent Aura Incantations
  • Cold Aura Incantations

RR7: Representing less than 5% of all players, to achieve realm rank 7 is to set oneself apart from the rest. Show that your dedication and mastery of your class with these class specific cloak patterns!

  • Class specific Cloak Patterns (47 total)

RR10: Realm rank 10 introduces a brand new weapon effect of pure white!

  • Celestial Incantations

RR12: Though many will try, few will ever reach the rank of Baronet/Baronetess, Ard Tiarna/Ard Bantiarna, Hersir/Baronsfru. For those that dedicate themselves season over season, recognition for this accomplishment will be shown through the most remarkable weapon effects available!

  • Epic Champion Weapon Patterns

For the Realm! RvR Event

May 5, 2023

Eden players,

In preparation for announcing the full event details tomorrow morning, we wanted to share a short teaser video:

This weeklong event starting next weekend will encompass and reward Realm vs Realm vs Realm combat, Battlegroup Leaders, personal RvR , Competitive 8v8, 5v5, 2v2 and 1v1, and a brand new dynamic event type: King of the Hill!

Wiki, Item Database & more


Eden players,

We have a new wiki! This is your one stop shop for all things Eden. It has tons of great information and explanations for many Eden systems like auto grouping, realm loyalty, realm timer, renegades, RA point caps, CLs, templating, end game currency, Sobekite and so much more. Please share it with your friends and any newcomers to the server

Item Database and Search Tool
That’s right, you can now search for any item on Eden using our new item database. You can also filter for specific types of items and even stats to get exactly what you want. The database is constantly being refined and updated so please report any bugs you find to the bug forums

End Game Currency - Update
The team has reviewed all end game currency and has increased the currency drop amounts for Legion, Summoner’s Hall, and all Dragons. In addition to this, there will be a dynamic exchange merchant where one end game currency can be exchanged for another. As this is dynamic, the exchange rates will increase or decrease based on how many players are turning in each currency.
Lastly, we have introduced a daily quest which will reward your choice of 50 currency. We believe all of these things combined will make for a fun and interactive end game system!

Deserter Uprising
The deserters are staking their claim in NF. Their underlings have set up camps to get a foothold for their masters. Speak with the Returned Deserter NPC in your relic town to find out what you can do to help stem the tide.
Level: 45-50
Rewards: 500 rps, 35 bps, 1.5 bubbles xp
Ellan Vannin Reward: 1000 rps, 70 bps, 1.5 bubbles xp
Quest cooldown: 30 minutes

  • Max Group Size 2 - Yggdra Forest, Mount Collory, Snowdonia
  • Max Group Size 5 - Jamtland Mountains, Pennine Mountains, Breifine
  • Max Group Size 8 - Odins Gate, Hadrian's Wall, Emain Macha & Ellan Vannin

Group Teleporting in the Frontiers
In addition to the deserter quests, group size limited teleporting will be introduced.

  • 1-2 Players: Will be able to port from the dockmasters in Yggdra, Mount Collory and Snowdonia to a random location in these zones.
  • 1-5 Players: Will be able to port from teleporters in the mazes in Jamtland, Breifine and Pennine to a random location in these zones.
  • 1-8 Players: Able to port from relic town to their tower path in Ellan Vannin.

Realm Skill Point Caps - Revised
The team has discussed this topic to great length and based on the data we are seeing we have decided on the below revised chart. Again, this is subject to change post launch depending on how people are progressing and the overall RP curve of the player base. Reminder, you still earn RPs for every kill no matter what, but only the spendable RA points and +skills are capped.

  • Day 1 -> Day 30 is still 3L9 to allow players adequate time to level and gear.
  • Day 30 -> Day 60 is now 4L9 to allow players to catch up in RPs as RR5 abilities are a large power gap.
  • Day 60+ we will begin increasing the RA skill point cap every week by 100k RPs.

We understand some classes become weaker or stronger at certain realm ranks, but we are focusing on the ultimate goal - to temporarily level the playing field. We feel the overall benefit of everyone being the same low RR for a few months outweighs the small cons. As the holidays are approaching, this will give players plenty of time to enjoy the beginning of the server even if they aren’t able to make it at the start. This also allows players to create alt characters, switch realms, or just try out new things without that feeling of falling behind in the frontiers.

Breakfast of Champion Levels
You may now purchase Champion Insight Scrolls for CL xp at the various . These merchants also contain respec stones of all kinds as well as speed charge items and more.

Realm Loyalty Titles
Realm loyalty titles have been added at the following points and are displayed automatically in /who results:

  • Committed 25% realm loyalty.
  • Devoted 50% realm loyalty
  • Stalwart 75% realm loyalty
  • Realm Loyal 100% realm loyalty
Visit our wiki to learn about the realm loyalty system in its entirety.

Shrouded Isles (SI) Quests
We will be adding over 500 new open world leveling quests to all Shrouded Isles zones as we prepare for launch and the influx of players. These quests are similar to the classic zone quests in terms of difficulty and rewards, but offer a whole new landscape to adventure into. In addition, certain quests will provide faction rewards to help players get in good standing with faction towns and flying merchants. If the classic zones are full and you haven’t seen Shrouded Isles in awhile, this will be a great opportunity to explore!

The Eden Staff

Official Release


Eden players,

We are extremely happy to announce the official release date for Eden: December 10th, 2022!

We wanted to make sure that we announce at least a month ahead of time to allow players time to make plans and prepare. Beta will continue as normal until November 24th. Characters who have reached level 50 will have their names reserved for launch and their account will receive the title "Firstling" for participating during the testing phases.

Instant 50 for Beta: November 24th - December 4th

  • Existing characters can still be played
  • New characters given instant level 50
  • New and existing characters given rr5 (if not yet achieved)
  • Level 49 quartermaster gear will be available for free (non-perfect templates)
  • During this time, you will not be able to obtain any new name reservations or account titles.

Server down for maintenance: Dec 5 - Dec 9
Please help share the news about the Eden launch date on the various DAoC groups that may be out there! (discord, facebook, websites, etc)

Dragonslayer - Slaying the Dragons
"Our realm has come under siege. Not by the men and women of enemy realms, but by the drakes that have multiplied and flourished due to our negligence. Will you aid your King and realm and take on the task of becoming a Dragonslayer for Hibernia?" - Quest start: King in Throne Room

Megalodon - Blood in the Water
"Have you ever been out to sea? Surrounded by nothing but a merciless ocean with no land in sight? That’s when you find out what you and your crew are made of. Out there in that watery grave called the Irish Sea there lives a creature with a distinct taste for the blood of heroes. They call him Megalodon - a giant man eating shark who has claimed the lives of the most fierce sailors. Seek him out and get revenge for all those who have perished by the layers of teeth." - Quest start: Captain in relic town

Medal of Honor - The Great Hunt
"In this region there live giant beasts and foes only told in tales and myth. If you think you are up for the challenge, I would be willing to bestow a great medal of honor upon you. Beware, these titans will not go down without a fight, and as strong as you are, you will not be able to defeat them alone! Gather your strongest allies and muster up all the courage you have, you will need it!" - Quest start: Explorer in Llyn Barfog, Raumarik or Cursed Forest.

Raid Currency
Currency is a secondary "mercy mechanic" that we are introducing this week. The corresponding merchants will be added as well. Depending on the zone, you will be able to receive currency (eg. Dragon Scales from the dragon zones) that can then be used to purchase items that are normally obtained through raid content. The intention is that players will attempt to acquire their gear directly through the encounters themselves, but currency will be able to help offset enough bad luck. Keep in mind that currency amounts will vary depending on monster level and difficulty.

All merchants are located at the entrance to their corresponding zone.

  • Darkness Falls: Daemon Blood Seal
  • Dragon Zones: Dragon Scale Cache
  • Galladoria: Galladoria Root
  • Tuscaran Glacier: Tuscaran Glacier Ice
  • Caer Sidi: Caer Sidi Soul

The Eden Staff

Beta, Quests, Crafting and Deserters of the Realm


Eden players,

Beta - October 8th, 2022
We are extremely excited for the beta coming up next week. At the start of beta, we will be testing the RA point cap system. The 1st week will be capped to 4L9 or 39 points, and then every subsequent week the RA point cap will be increased by 200k. Note, you will always earn your RPs no matter what, only the spendable RA points are capped. If you would like to read more about this system, please read the previous announcement here please read the previous announcement here. Also, if you reach level 50 in the beta, your name will be reserved and you will receive the special account wide title "Firstling".

SI Dungeon Quests
New quests have been placed at the entrance of each of the 9 SI dungeons (3 per realm). These quests will reward you with endgame mythirians, a full level of experience, and they are repeatable. Beware, these dungeons are no easy task and are only available from level 40-50. The main “Epic SI dungeons” (TG, Sidi, Galladoria) still require a raid size battlegroup. However, the 2 “Lesser SI dungeons” per realm can be completed with an experienced group of high level characters. We have been hard at work creating accurate game mechanics, but some bosses are still a work in progress. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to get out there and test your might!


  • Avalon City
  • Krondon
  • Caer Sidi


  • Fomor
  • Tur Suil
  • Galladoria


  • Trollheim
  • Iarnvidiur's Lair
  • Tuscaran Glacier

Crafting Quest
In each of the main capitals, Maven the Wise Crafter will offer you a series of quests to explore the world and gather special ingredients for him. These quests were designed so that even a level 1 can complete them! However, you will have to tread very carefully and channel your inner Frogger to go unscathed. Once you obtain these ingredients and bring them back to Maven, he will grant you a special armor set with 50% crafting speed plus multiple other useful bonuses to help you in your craft.

Horse of a different color...
Horse mobs in every realm will now have a very low chance (1 in 100) to drop a non-tradeable standard mount of the same horse type. The current standard mounts are level 20, hastener speed and have a type of Chestnut, Hazel, Grey, Black, Brownwhite (Painted), or White.

For example, the black Dartmoor pony will have a chance of dropping a Standard Black Horse. The faerie steed of Hibernia will have a chance to drop Grey or White horses. Horses that have many types (for example rugged dwarven pony in midgard), will have a chance to drop Standard Chestnut, Hazel, Black, Grey, Painted or White horses!

Some advanced horse mobs, like the poohka, frost stallions, or unicorns, will drop the closest color version of the standard horse.

Keep in mind that more advanced mounts will be acquired through achievement unlocks that we will detail in a future announcement.

As for now happy horse hunting!

Housing - Market Explorer
Searching for items in housing has been made easier and an update to the Eden Custom UI (bysan) has been made. If you would like the latest Eden Custom UI, simply delete your custom folder and run the launcher again. This cannot be automatically pushed because we do not want to overwrite the folder if you use a different UI. If you want to update your own UI, simply follow the instructions here.

The Kings Armies and Deserters of the Realm
It is our pleasure to announce a monumental addition to the world of Dark Age of Camelot. Given the scope of this new feature, we wanted to make sure to take the time to really explain this new technology fully. Please visit this link to know more..

The Eden Staff

Open World Quests


Eden players,

The quests are in! We are proud to announce that we have implemented 600+ new hand crafted quests into the game, and we are just getting started! The first round of open world quests will be available in all of the classic zones. We wanted to provide a system that is both fun and engaging, while still giving you choice in where you want to explore and pve.

A quick recap...
Every zone will come with a set of quests geared for every 4 levels. These quests are tuned for solo-small man players, but they can be completed by any group size. They are sized so that a solo player could complete a quest in a reasonable short play session (10-30 minutes). In every town of every zone, there will be a quest giver who holds all of the quests available to a player for that level.

The teleporter will include a list of zones and their quest level ranges. This means that a player can simply visit any town in a zone with an appropriate quest level range.

The Zones


Zone             Min Level           Max Level
East Svealand 10 24
West Svealand 10 34
Gotar 10 34
Myrkwood Forest  20 34
Muspelheim 20 39
Skona Ravine 25 44
Vanern Swamp 35 49
Raumarik 40 49


Zone             Min Level           Max Level
Camelot Hills 10 19
Black Mtns. South 10 19
Black Mtns. North 10 19
Salisbury Plains 10 29
Llyn Barfog 15 34
Campacorentin Forest  20 34
Avalon Marsh 25 39
Cornwall 30 44
Lyonesse 30 49
Dartmoor 40 49


Zone             Min Level           Max Level
Lough Derg 10 24
Silvermine Mts. 10 34
Connacht 10 34
Valley of Bri Leith  20 39
Cliffs of Moher 15 40
Shannon Estuary  30 39
Lough Gur 30 49
Bof of Cullen 40 49
Cursed Forest 40 49

Thank you to everyone who has been playing during the alpha, your feedback and bug reports have been invaluable.
The Eden Staff



Future Eden players,

With the alpha test starting tomorrow, there are a few topics we want to hit as you enter the realms for the first time.

Please feel free to download the launcher and get everything set up for tomorrow. The server is not open to all yet, but you can find step by step instructions here.

Players will notice that the RoG drops, leveling, and realm point gain have all been slightly slowed down. This is intentional and part of the overall design of the 1-50 experience. We want players to feel a sense of accomplishment while progressing their character so when you do get that drop, gain experience, or kill that player, the rewards have that much more meaning to them.

These are the RoG drop rate chances for different enemies you may face:

  • Open world monsters - Very low
  • Open world named monsters - Medium
  • Open world epic encounters - Very high
  • Dungeon monsters - Moderate
  • Dungeon bosses - High
  • Battleground monsters - Very low
  • Battleground guards - Moderate
  • Battleground players - Moderate
  • Battleground Lord/Captain/Huscarl - Very high

As you can see, we want to ensure that pure mob grinding is not the primary way to level and gain gear. Players may need to make use of equipment vendors, player crafting, and trading with fellow realm mates. There are Quartermasters in each starting area and early battlegrounds that will help you supplement your armor and weapons at a reasonable price. You can also seek out more rare and challenging foes such as named monsters, dungeon bosses, or enemy players.

Each dungeon has received an Explorer quest to defeat all of the bosses within. Quest givers can be found inside the entrance to the dungeon. For those who undertake the challenge, they will be rewarded handsomely in experience, gold, equipment, and fame! Do not wait too long however, as there is a maximum level set for each quest. Gather your friends, these dungeons have been tuned for 8 players at the minimum level!


  • Level 10-20: Tomb of Mithra
  • Level 15-25: Keltoi Fogou
  • Level 20-30: Tepok Mine
  • Level 30-40: Catacombs of Cardova
  • Level 40-50: Stone Hendge Barrows


  • Level 10-20: Muire Tomb
  • Level 15-25: Spraggon Den
  • Level 20-30: Koalinth Tribal Caverns
  • Level 30-40: Treibh Caillte
  • Level 40-50: Coruscating Mines


  • Level 10-20: Nisse's Lair
  • Level 15-25: Cursed Tomb
  • Level 20-30: Vendo Caverns
  • Level 30-40: Varulvhamn
  • Level 40-50: Spindelhalla

Thank you for the continued interest,
The Eden Staff

Autogroup & Siege Camp


Future Eden players,

Some of the greatest moments in Dark Age of Camelot are shared with your group and realm members. We would really like to make it easier for realm mates to get to know each other and for new bonds of friendship to be made. As part of our continuing commitment to support all play styles, we would like to introduce a new system that will help members of the realm group up easier and get into the action faster!

If you are solo or the group leader, simply type one of the two commands below. Then, every 30 seconds you will automatically group up with other solos or group leaders who have flagged themselves. Keep in mind that the group leader still has all privileges and can invite/remove however they see fit.

/LFxp (Looking For XP)
Use for any PvE focused content
+/- 3 levels from the group leader or your level

/LFrvr (Looking For RvR)
Use for any RvR focused content
Based on BattleGround level ranges: 1-4, 5-9, 10-14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49
Level 50s will only group other lvl 50s for frontier RvR

We think this will really help the way DAoC feels now that you can easily group up with others and provide a welcoming experience for new players or returning soldiers! Of course you are still welcome to utilize the traditional /lfg chat, play just with friends, or go it alone. This system will be available for the Alpha on August 20th, we are excited for you to try it!

We have had a lot of great questions regarding how we will handle progression in the battlegrounds when there is not a large amount of players online or if the BG is simply empty.

To help answer that question, we would like to introduce one our first new game encounters to the game – Battleground Siege Camps!

Each battleground will have a small Siege Camp located on the map with an associated Siege Commander. Each Siege Commander will have a quest that accepts trinkets that will drop from various activities in the Battleground itself (such as killing players, killing mobs, etc.). When the Siege Commander has received enough trinkets, an associated realm Siege monster will spawn.

This Siege Monster will lead a charge into the enemy keep and work to attack the door. It is important to note that this siege monster will not engage any players! It will simply ignore enemies and focus on breaking into the keep. Once the door is down, the Siege Monster will then begin to attack the Lord.

However, it is not always about being on the offense and to keep in mind your Siege Camp can also be attacked! If your Siege Camp Captain is defeated, then you will not be able to turn in any more trinkets until the Captain has respawned.

Our goal with this system is to provide fun objectives around the map that relate back to the main objective of taking the Central Keep. We also wanted to give the defending Realm a renewable source of objectives to fight over.

We will keep an eye on balance for this scenario and overall feedback! We are eagerly looking forward to seeing how it plays out in the Alpha.

We want to be structured and organized with Alpha so as to maximize our Staff’s time as well as your testing time. As the name implies, with Alpha we are wanting to focus more on testing the World Building of Eden, Dungeons, Battlegrounds, core DAoC gameplay mechanics, as well as how the early game feels. For this reason, Alpha will start off being limited to levels 1-24.

Below is our humble request to the community for things to look out for while testing:

  • Starting zones, NPCs in towns, items they sell
  • Mobs and any possible systemic issues
  • Teleporters, horses, boats
  • Dungeons & Battlegrounds
  • RoG loot drop rate in various areas & overall utility

Basically, click all the things and do all the things!

Please submit specific bug reports using the #create-ticket channel in our Discord
Please submit general feedback to the website or our #alpha-feedback channel in Discord

The Eden Staff

Realm Timer & Progression


Future Eden players,

First things first...

Our goal is to provide a fun experience for ALL play styles. In order to serve all groups of players, we are splitting up the concept of the realm timer in a way that addresses both non Battlegroup players and Battlegroup players alike. This, combined with the realm loyalty incentives, will result in players picking and sticking with a realm both for the day as well as in the long term.

Upon participating in any Frontier activity, the player account will trigger the following:

1 hour Frontier Realm Timer lockout period for both other realms. You can switch realms for PvE zones, but you will not be able to enter the frontier zone. Battlegrounds do not count.

12 hour Siege Warfare RP timer for both other realms. You will not receive any realm points for keeps, towers, or relic related activities (captures, defense ticks, etc). You will still receive realm points from player kills.

And now the fun stuff...
As we get closer to alpha next week on August 20th, we wanted to take a moment and share with you the various leveling paths that will be available.

Something for everyone...
We know everyone is different. Some players only have 30 minutes to solo and some players will rally their friends and dig in for hours. With that in mind, we wanted to create choices for leveling with each having their own unique benefits. Let's take a moment to talk through the main paths that will be available to you the moment you step foot in your home realm on Eden.

This will be the base experience that players have come to know and love over the past 20 years. Eden has managed to perfectly recreate exact mob + npc locations from live servers (don’t ask how, this is our talented developer team’s magic). There is still some polishing to do during Alpha and Beta, but this means the information found on your favorite websites are highly likely to be accurate on Eden as well. This was no small task, we hope you enjoy!

The equipment drop rate will be the lowest in these zones as they are the safest, but rest assured those who explore will be rewarded with a higher drop rate from the rare named mobs that roam the lands.

  • Safe from PvP
  • Lowest RoG drop rate
  • Low chance for procs on weapons and armor
  • Rare named mobs with higher RoG drop rate

Fortune favors the bold. Classic and Shrouded Isles dungeons will provide the highest yield of armor, weapon, and jewelry drops while leveling. Find yourself lacking in the equipment department? Head into your nearest dungeon to hunt down the named bosses scattered throughout the winding corridors and tunnels for the highest equipment rewards while leveling. Keep in mind there will also be additional end game dungeons, such as Epic SI dungeons (Caer Sidi, Tuscaren Glacier, Galladoria) that we will discuss in a future announcement.

Each dungeon has also received an Explorer quest to defeat all of the bosses within. For those who undertake the challenge, they will be rewarded handsomely in experience, gold, equipment, and fame.

  • Dungeons custom tuned to make mob level gradually increase while leveling.
  • All bosses old and new implemented.
  • Dungeon quests available at lvl 10, 15, 20, 30, and 40
  • Quest line for each dungeon with xp and gold rewards
  • Highest RoG drop rate
  • Bosses have near guaranteed RoG drops with a high chance for procs on weapons and armor
  • Unique title "Dungeon Crawler" for completing all dungeon questlines

For those who want to hone their skills and jump into the fight, the battlegrounds will be available from the moment you first step foot in your chosen realm. With brackets every 5 levels between 1 and 49 and a wide array of monsters, quests, objectives, and enemy players - one could easily level entirely in the battlegrounds. Our objective is to tune the play time and experience so that battleground leveling will be on par with the classic leveling path.

  • Dangerous, but rewards realm points
  • Repeatable objective based quests and other mission-based objectives
  • Increased experience and RoG drop rate from killing enemy players & guards
  • High experience for capturing the keep
  • Very high RoG drop rate from killing the captain/lord

Darkness falls is an iconic and terrifying experience. Adventurers have as much chance to die at the hands of a seductive demon as they do an enemy of the realm. While we will be keeping the overall layout and monster systems the same, the seal rewards will see a marked improvement. This will provide not only powerful weapons, armor, and jewelry that can be purchased with seals, but your efforts will be on full display with impressive glowing weapons.

  • Increased XP % for an RvR zone
  • Seal merchants with improved equipment
  • Realm points from realm vs realm

Risk vs reward. Only the bravest venture out into the frontiers to level as there is always the chance to be discovered by the enemy realms. With that risk however comes great reward. There are certain monster camps in new frontiers that are especially densely populated, creating an allure for groups that excel in aoe killing. This will be useful for groups of all level ranges, including powerleveling, and applies to both NF + Passage of Conflict (PoC).

  • Realm points from realm vs realm
  • Most densely populated camps for aoe and powerleveling
  • Increased XP % for an RvR zone

With the many different leveling paths and pros and cons of each, we hope this creates fun and interesting decisions for the player. Level up completely one way for your first character then spice things up with a new path the next time. Or mix and match them all based on what you need and want! The Eden world is yours to explore.

The Eden Staff

Realm Loyalty


Future Eden players,

We are so excited to share with you something that we feel gets at the very core of the Dark Age of Camelot experience; The understanding that when you first join a realm, you are entering into an unspoken commitment to join your realm mates in fighting against enemy forces and defending your realm from invaders. With that in mind we would like to announce the realm loyalty system for Eden!

Up until this point, there hasn't been much incentive to remain loyal to your realm. The new realm loyalty system looks to reward those who fight exclusively for their realm and create a sense of recognition and unity. The rewards extend beyond the individual. They are gifted with abilities that they can bestow upon their realm mates.

Building realm loyalty takes time and commitment. It favors those who consistently remain loyal to a single realm over a long period of time. It requires action. Fighting for your realm in the frontiers builds loyalty, but be careful, betraying your realm will have consequences.

0 to 100
The realm loyalty system is based on a 0 to 100 point scale. Points are accrued or lost based on daily action. There are milestone rewards such as 25 loyalty points to unlock a skin or 100 to unlock an ability; and then there are scaling rewards, for example simply having 18 loyalty points will give you 18% of the maximum reward.

Earning Points

  • Obtain 500 rps within a 24 hour period to earn 1 point, on that realm, for the day.
  • Obtaining 500 rps within a 24 hour period will decrease the other 2 realm’s loyalty by 4 points (loyalty cannot go below 0).
  • Capture a relic and earn an additional 1 point for the day. Cannot earn more than 1 point per day from relic capping.

This means that it will take roughly 100 days before achieving the max reward. A true testament to one’s loyalty. Note, players can still choose to switch realms, but any realm points you earn will significantly reduce your loyalty on the opposing 2 realms!

The Rewards

  • Milestone rewards at 25, 50, 75, 100 realm loyalty - including but not limited to Titles, Realm Cloak & Reskin (full specific realm armor)
  • At 100 realm loyalty (max), access to a new skill which provides a 1 hour duration pbaoe buff to all realm mates within 1k range granting 100% xp/craft speed (both subject to a 200% cap). Useable once every 12 hours. Gather your fledgling realm mates for the bonus, or make a surprise visit to the crafters in your capitol city!
  • Scaling XP bonus - max 50% (stacks when grouped up to 200%). This means 1 realm loyalty point = 0.5% xp. For example, your group has a total of 400 realm loyalty therefore has 200% bonus xp.
  • Scaling crafting speed bonus - max 50%
  • Scaling siege damage bonus - max 25%
  • Scaling repair bonus - max 100%
  • Scaling eden token bonus - max 25%
  • Max realm loyalty characters will be denoted in the /who command.

But that's not all...

Realm pride would mean nothing without the leaders who unite the masses. With this in mind, Eden will include rewards, recognition, and ways to progress for those who take on the heavy burden of leading battle groups.

The Rewards

  • Battlegroup leaders will be able to rally their troops by utilizing the /banner command. This will only be usable when the battlegroup has 16+ players in the bg.
  • The ability to /banner is unlocked after successfully leading a bg and taking 10+ keeps, 5+ Epic Dungeon kills, or 5+ Dragon kills with at least 16+ players.
  • There will be a separate leaderboard on the herald and stats tracked in game for battlegroup leaders that include the number of keep takes, tower takes, relic takes and defenses
  • Special titles for battlegroup leaders at 100, 500, and 1000 keep takes.

The Eden Staff



Future Eden players,

This week’s announcement is one we have been waiting to share for a while!

First, we have completed our character planner/builder which you can review here.

This planner provides a snapshot of the class abilities that you can expect to find on Eden at our targeted patch setting.

Please have fun paper-DAoC’ing how you plan to spec your future toons on Eden!

Next, we have also completed our forums which you can find here.

We are committed to providing you the most enjoyable DAoC experience, and can’t wait to share more with you in the coming weeks.

The Eden Staff

A New Season


Future Eden players,

A fresh start! That new server feeling. Leveling up with the guild, just like the good old times. You finally get level 50 and you’re geared out in your new RoGs, epic armor and makeshift template. You go to the Frontiers to conquer the enemy and there it is…the sweet scent of the fresh rr2. This is the feeling we want to preserve on Eden as many view it as the most enjoyable time of a server.

To that point, we will be introducing a few systems never tried before in DAoC:


The first system is Realm Skill Point caps. You will still earn your realm points, no matter what, but the maximum amount of Realm Skill Points you are able to spend will be limited based on the Realm Skill Point cap release schedule. For the first month of the server, the Realm Skill Point cap will be 3L9 or 200k RPs. Every week after that, the cap will be increased by 200k. Any Realm Points earned beyond the cap will still count towards your overall realm rank, but the Realm Skill Points available to spend and the +skill will be limited to the current cap. To illustrate, below is a chart for the rough timeline of the Realm Skill Point caps. (Disclaimer: The timeline is subject to change)

Rough Timeline           Realm Skill Cap
Month 1 RR 3L9
Month 2 RR 5L9
Month 3 RR6
Month 4 RR7
Month 5 RR8
Month 6 RR9
Month 7 RR9
Month 8 RR10
Month 9 RR10
Month 10 RR10
Month 11 RR11+

The goal with this Realm Skill Point cap is to temporarily level the playing field. This initial 3L9 cap will give more time to the casual players who may not be able to play as much as the hardcore gamers at launch. Keep in mind, the RP rate is not increased on Eden and the first month of the server is generally leveling, crafting, templating, and overall getting ready for RvR. Also, the overall timeline will allow players to create alts, switch realms, or just try out new things without that feeling of falling behind in the RR category. Again, you will always earn your realm points when RvR’ing, only the spendable Realm Skill Points and +skills are capped.

This will also help us introduce another long term project which has never been tried before in DAoC - Seasons!


That’s right, Eden will be the first and only DAoC server to ever introduce the concept of seasonal DAoC. Whether it’s Uthgard, Phoenix, Celestius, or Atlas - we acknowledge all freeshard servers have a limited lifetime which is effectively a “season” of DAoC fun before ultimately decaying. However, all of these freeshards come with complete wipes and can vary wildly in terms of stability. Eden will offer multiple DAoC seasons all in one reliable, stable environment for your enjoyment and ease of play.

By offering a seasonal DAoC experience, it allows us to present alternative rulesets that may have different end-game objectives (Homeland Invasion/King assasination) or slightly less popular but highly requested (PvP Ruleset) rulesets, or even a chance to experience DAoC in an accelerated timeline (Progression Server with releasing expansion patches). We have been diligently building out all the systems needed to support these different types of gameplay! Here are some common questions we anticipate regarding how we will implement seasons:

How long will each season be?
To be completely transparent, it is unknown even to us until later in the season, but it is largely controlled by the community. If players continue to play for 1+ year and the population does not drop to devastatingly low levels, the season will continue as normal. We will be sure to announce at the beginning of each season what the expected timeline is and permanent rewards that will be acquired from participating.

What will reset each season?
To allow for that fresh new server feeling along with the possibility of new rulesets, the following will be reset upon a new season - Realm Skill Point cap, levels, gold, all items. In essence, your character is reset to level 1, but long term progression (non economic) carries over.

What if I don't want to lose my progress?
The following will carry over - character name, crafting skills, player herald stats (Solo kills, Mob kills, Relic takes, Keep takes, etc) and titles, unlockable reskins and effects, housing trophies, and PvE mounts. Also, by using the Realm Skill Point cap system above, this enables us to allow your characters' RPs to persist from season to season. This gives your character a real sense of progression even at the end of a season, while at the same time allows new players to not feel left behind when that new season arrives. Disclaimer, in the event of a new season having a wild ruleset such as PvP, it is likely no RPs would carry over just for that one season.


Oh yea, one last thing - Alpha coming August 20, 2022!
This will be an open alpha test that everyone is invited to participate in! We will be releasing the details in the coming weeks on how to connect and rewards for participating. We also have a character planner that will accompany the alpha. Just like many of you, the Eden team has been playing DAoC for 20+ years on many different servers, but this is truly a new and exciting time for DAoC. We are thrilled to bring you Eden Season 1.

The Eden Staff

RvR Combat


Future Eden players,

Last week we discussed PvE and our advancement to the end game. So for this week, we wanted to discuss RvR combat. Whether you are new to DAoC or just trying out a new class, we want you to be able to hone your skills in the BattleGrounds before reaching max level. So don’t miss out on our new 1-50 leveling route via the BGs (more details in a later announcement). We have some hidden surprises there to hopefully keep you engaged at all times!

The Frontiers: A hotly debated topic for sure! If you have not seen our FAQ, we will be using New Frontiers/NF. While OF is nostalgic and holds a special place in all of our hearts, we feel it is somewhat outdated and simplistic in terms of design and layout. Limited porting options, long travel times (especially for our Hibernian friends), clunky terrain (Pennine Mountains for our poor kobolds), and single choke points for all Milegates and Keeps; we feel these are all fundamental problems with OF terrain. We feel NF alleviates many of these issues and gives players and battlegroups the freedom to make strategic decisions during sieges and on the battlefield. We have found that NF Keeps and Towers are more dynamic, robust, strategic, and overall better suited to large scale RvR as confirmed by discussions with prominent battlegroup leaders. We acknowledge that changing between both for Celestius was an all-around bad idea from both a developer and player point of view. For Eden, we will simply be using NF.

The Middle Zone: We will be using Ellan Vannin (EV) instead of Agramon. This zone will no longer be an automatic GvG ruleset as it was on Celestius and instead will be opt-in only. However, we do like the idea of this island being a ‘4th realm’, so to speak. So if you have ever wanted to settle a score within your guild or realm, now’s your chance! EV will be home of the Renegades - a temporary opt-in faction hostile to all, even other renegades. If your group of 4 or more opt-in while on EV, you will be turned into the 4th realm (mummies). A big change will be that the Renegade faction will only occur while on EV. When you leave EV or /release you will go back to your normal faction. At server start, the underground keep and towers here will be controlled by the Renegade faction until they are captured by Alb/Hib/Mid. But not so fast! They may be recaptured by Renegade groups as well.

Roaming in RvR: Are you sometimes disappointed that you aren’t able to find a fair fight? Or even worse, no fight at all?! Fear no more! We will have multiple RvR quests and points of interest, specific to your group size, in order to help facilitate timely fights. We know your time is valuable and we want to cut down on the randomness that can occur with finding quality fights in an open world. Keep in mind, the RvR quest rewards will be low, but the aim is to give people the initial push to get out there and start the RvR game-loop we all enjoy so much. In addition to this, we will utilize an opt-in list feature called “looking for fight” or /lff which will help players know who else is currently out looking to do battle.

Battlegroups: We love the siege aspect of DAOC and believe it is an incredibly important aspect of the game. After all, that is what this game was built for! We are actively putting in place systems to have the end game strategic warfare of DAOC mean more. As well as experimenting with some systems to prevent ‘keep trading’ and instead reward the epic siege battles we all came to love from DAOC. Moreover, we have heard the community’s request for a meaningful realm timer. We have built out a loyalty system to reward players who are actively fighting for their realm in the frontiers. Additionally, Eden will have a 1 hour realm timer based on RvR actions (not PvE). We believe these systems together will encourage players to stick with their realm, discourage players from swapping to the believed ‘winning’ realm, but at the same time prove to be flexible to those who still want to switch. We will have a newsletter dedicated to these aspects in the future!

The goal with all of these systems is to give the player more options. We want to give you all the tools you need to play DAoC however you choose, without forcing you into a certain play style. We hope you enjoy these new systems and we look forward to sharing them with you!

The Eden Staff

PvE Progression


Future Eden players,

In this weekly announcement, we are excited to share more about our planned PvE progression and leveling. From a macro level, one of our new guiding principles is that we want to allow players to enjoy their preferred playstyle, but without forcing one as “must play.” We also want to spice up historically boring game systems to become more objective-based, so that you have clear goals to accomplish every time you log in. On Eden, you will have two main options for PvE progression and leveling.

First, if nostalgia is what you seek, you will be able to level in the traditional classic worlds with livelike mob camps. This is the group-up-and-grind system that you have been accustomed to for the past twenty years. Here, we plan to better utilize the classic zones; specifically dungeons which will have new unique incentives for exploring as well as rewarding loot from named mobs (think Snakecharmer from Vendo Caverns). Additionally, new custom PvE quests, including dailies, will be added to break up the monotony of traditional grinding in addition to helping those progress who only have short play times.

Alternatively, if you aren’t enthused about traditional PvE grinding, we are proud to introduce the concept of battleground leveling from 1-50. In the BGs, you will be able to complete unique, non repeatable quests as well as engage in challenging mob encounters - all while fearing the possibility of RvR against other realms. Player kills will also provide increased experience so the path to 50 can be as safe or dangerous as you want. Note, not one playstyle is intended to be faster or superior than the other!

Lastly, all of these novel PvE systems would not be possible without our server’s stable source code. The developers bringing you Eden have over 50 years of collective experience working on DAOC emulation and have rewritten this server with stability and performance as their main objective. We know how frustrating downtime and crashes can be for players and have made it a top objective to ensure maximum uptime and stability. A major goal for our team is to provide our players a stable, bug-free playing experience so they are able to experience this great game in all of its glory. We are eagerly looking forward to sharing it with you!

We look forward to sharing more about Eden next week.

The Eden Staff