Welcome to Eden!

Eden is a Dark Age of Camelot Free Shard which launched Season 1 on December 10, 2022.

Season 1 has come to and end and we are currently in beta testing for Season 2, which will launch December 2nd, 2023.

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Introducing Dual Specs

October 31, 2023

With the latest patch we are releasing the functionality to support Dual Specs per character. This will allow characters to swap between two different specs and save all quickbars and qbinds between specs seamlessly.

  • To unlock their dual spec, characters must purchase a Luminescent Scindo Stone and hand it to their class trainer.
  • To activate their dual spec, a player needs to type /dualspec <1|2> to switch between their specs.
  • This will kick a character back to the login screen where a player must wait 2 seconds before logging back in
  • Upon logging in, the characters dual spec will be loaded with all qbinds and quickbars.
  • Dualspecs will require retraining in Realm Abilities, Specializations, and Champion Levels
  • Changing between dualspecs is only supported in relic towns or PvE environments and requires a minimum time out of combat

For the beta, the stone is available for purchase on the Respec Stone merchants. We are eager to get this feature into your hands for testing! Please let us know of any bugs you encounter while testing this out.

Thank you for playing Eden!

Realm Invasion

October 4, 2023

It is with great pleasure, and extreme excitement, that we announce a new server wide event for Season 2: Realm Invasions!

Let's jump right in...

The Invaded

  • Realm invasions will take place after the recurring RvR "For the Realm" campaign event.
  • The 3rd place realm will be invaded.

The Old Frontiers

  • The two invading realms will launch their invasion campaigns at their portal keeps in the old frontiers of the defending realm!
  • Purchase a necklace and gather on the border keep pad and wait for the portal ceremony.
  • Once all old frontiers keeps have been captured by invaders, the border keeps of the defending realm will become capturable, and the relic keeps become spawn points for the invading realms.

The Homeland

  • Once a border keep has been captured, it becomes the new spawn point for the invading realm.
  • Invaders enter into the homeland of the defending realm through the border keeps.
  • Homeland towns of the defending realm become capturable - but beware, the townsfolk fight back and are equipped with their class specific spells and abilities!
  • Towns reward realm points and chests scattered throughout the towns when captured.
  • Towns level up over time, increasing rewards. Attackers and defenders will automatically /release to the nearest town their realm has captured.

  • Town chests have a chance to reward brand new exclusive dragon weapon reskins of the defending realm! For example, a Cuuldurach styled flex weapon, or a Golestandt styled scythe!
  • Invaders can travel throughout any of the classic homeland zones and dungeons, and attack any players, townsfolk or monsters of enemy realms.
  • Invaders can not enter the capital city or Shrouded Isles.
  • Dragon and adolescent dragons also drop exclusive cross realm dragon weapon reskin patterns when defeated by invaders.
  • Mounts and whistles that are normally unique to realms can drop and be kept by invaders.

The King

  • The king of the defending realm will leave his throne room and with his elite guard (AI realm soldiers) defend his realm.
  • A defeated king will drop a brand new helmet reskin: The king's very own crown!
  • New plate, chain and scale chestpiece reskins for defending your realm and king!

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