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 Post subject: Patch #53
PostPosted: Thu Mar 12, 2015 6:45 am 
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  • Fixed: **MAJOR FIX**
    Pets: buffs will no longer increase the health pool of a pet. (There were also many bugs related with pets and buffs, their absorption was being increased by a huge amount, making them nearly unkillable in some cases.)

  • Fixed: Heretic: Torrential Blaze is now interruptible by any spell casted below 128 range from the Heretic.

  • Updated: Increased the respawn timer of all keep/tower guards.

  • Fixed: Summon Wood (ML1 Convoker): The quantity of Mystic Wood summoned has been raised from 1 to 100.

  • Fixed: All mythirians will now work as intended.

  • Fixed: Door repair cost adjusted.

  • Fixed: Alchemy: Reverse proc snare will no longer leave an immunity.

  • Fixed: Reaver: Cobra (Flexible) proc is now a drain life value 45 (70% of the damage returned in life).

  • Fixed: Mentalist: RR5 Selective Blindness should work as intended. (the spell is no longer removed on targets you do not attack)

  • Fixed: Wall/Tower should now auto repair at a normal rate, and /repair will now repair for 15% each time instead of 100%.

  • Fixed: Towers are now reset to level 1 when destroyed and start to level only if their door/wall are over 75%. (same thing for keep, if a component/door is bellow 75%, the keep will stop its level progression)

  • Fixed: Convoker: Summoning Mastery (ML9) should now be available on any controlled pet. (was not working on Theurgist pets, for example)

  • Fixed: Spymaster: Blanket of Camouflage (ML10), is now correctly removed when a non-stealther character tries to move.

  • Fixed: Wizard/Runemaster/Enchanter: The heat debuff is no longer applied on the first hit, only on the second hit. (the new mechanism is damage + debuff instead of debuff + damage)

  • Fixed: Wizard/Runemaster/Enchanter: DD with self-debuff will no longer stack with other resist debuffs. (the greater resist debuff override the lower resist debuff)

  • Updated: Mentalist: The Baseline Mentalism Energy Direct Damage line of spells have been removed.

  • Fixed: Minstrel: RR5 Calming Notes will now work as intended (if there was no mob in the radius, the ability was not activated)

  • Updated: Eldritch: Removed the debuff Dexterity and Strenght from Way of the Void. (already available through Way of Light and Way of Mana)

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