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 Post subject: Patch #50
PostPosted: Sat Mar 07, 2015 7:40 am 
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  • Fixed: Secondary Resists : There was a bug on how the secondary resists were working, the calculation of primary and secondary resits should now be correct.
    Some math:
    LIVE :
    real damages = base dmg * (1 - primaryResist%/100) * (1 - secondaryResist%/100)
    DOL/Eden (before this patch, and for many years...):
    real damages = base dmg * (1 - (primaryResist% + secondaryResist%)/100)
    This is a huge fix, it concerns all secondary resists enhancement, such as:
    AoM, Fury, Vampiir resists, dragon items charges, Astral cloak, Bedazzling Aura, etc...

  • Updated: Lowered the amount of heal casted by a keep lord.

  • Updated: Keep and Towers doors health points adjusted

  • Added: /refresh command to refresh the world around you, to solve untargetable doors mainly

  • Fixed: Grapple : Melee attacks no longer interrupt players who are grappled, when they try to cast.

  • Fixed: Guard ability will now block arrows.

  • Fixed: Brittle Guard : The blow absorbed will no longer interrupt the player protected by a brittle guard.

  • Fixed: Brittle Guard : Arrows are now correctly absorbed by the brittle guard (except Critical Shot, the only arrow which can go through brittle guard and blade turn (bubble)).

  • Fixed: Conflicts between your account vault and the consignment merchant are now fixed.

  • Fixed: Power potions, and Celerity procs values fixed.

  • Added: Player bonuses window now shows your melee and magical absorption.

  • Added: "Basileus of Eden" title added to the highest realm rank player (recalculated every reboot)

  • Fixed: Accuracy proc on CL15 weapons is now working as intended.

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