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 Post subject: Patch #48
PostPosted: Tue Mar 03, 2015 7:13 am 
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  • Added: Darkness Falls : You can now open the access to Darkness Fall for your realm by controlling 2 towers and the central keep! (you can't be teleported if you switched realm the last 15 minutes)

  • Fixed: /realm command to get Keeps information

  • Updated: Keep Lords difficulty has been lowered

  • Fixed: Hunter, Scout and Ranger RR5 have been fixed (added speed, direct damage for the Ranger and the Scout) Don't forget the requirement of these RR5 (A shield is required for the scout and a bow for ranger)

  • Fixed: All Perfecter (ML) magical fonts have been fixed including, Font of Power, Sphere of Rejuvenation, Determination Field and Dissonating Ward.

  • Fixed: Prescience Node will now detect stealthers as intented.

  • Fixed: Spymaster : Sabotage will now work as intended.

  • Updated: The tomte visionary heal is now less effective (cast time and recast time increased, heal value lowered)

  • Fixed: The Skill buff procs from CL15 weapons cannot stack anymore

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