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 Post subject: Sunday, 1st February, Events Day!
PostPosted: Sat Jan 31, 2015 11:39 am 
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We're glad to announce that Sunday, 1st February Eden is going to be 1 month old!
We're going to celebrate it very specially. We'll be doing an events day.

The schedule is:

18:30 - Last Man Standing (3 rounds)

In this kind of event all players will be ported in a small keep and will fight each other until only one is left alive. He will be the Last Man Standing and will win the round.
It is absolutely forbidden to alliance with someone else. You're fighting for yourself.


19:00 - Iron Man

We used to run this event in our past Eden edition.
You can join yellow or red team. The main rule is it's a malee 1vs1 event. You won't be fighting for yourself, but for your team. If you kill your opponent you won't have time to rest before your next opponent is ported in front of you!


20:30 - 2vs2 Event

There's nothing much to say about it. It will be held in a open field, and we're adopting the knockout form.
Ra's are going to be reset every round.


Rewards: You will have your respective event winner title, Bps, Money, and Scales!
We're giving a booby prize to everyone joining!

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