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 Post subject: Patch #9
PostPosted: Mon Jan 13, 2014 11:42 pm 
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  • Updated: All RA 5L are now available

  • Fixed: Hunter & Scout Melee Template : +all skills added

  • Fixed: Crocodile Tooth : Blade version available for Blademaster.

  • Fixed: Legendary weapons : 1H and 2H weapons have seen their speed lowered.

  • Updated: Zephyr : is now more effective

  • Fixed: Artifact Golden Spear, Flamming Spears : have now a limited range (1250)

  • Fixed: Theurgist : Wind pets are now able to stun more often.

  • Fixed: Trainer : Custom template no longer stack

  • Fixed: RA Speed of Sound : should now works like Live (root & Speed loss behavior)

  • Fixed: Champion Level : styles/spells are now reset correctly after a respec.

  • Fixed: Tireless : is now working as intented.

  • Fixed: ML5,6,9 Perfecter : no longer share the same timer with the instant heal mono target for Healer,Cleric,Druid.

  • Fixed: ML5 Sojourner : Ancient Transmuter got its items list

  • Fixed: ML3 Warlord : Cowering Bellow should now fear pets

  • Updated: /fr /de /es /it /cz do not require to change your client language, and their status (ON/OFF) will be saved to your account, you can subscribe to several channels, by default only the english one is activated

  • Fixed: Instant spells are not affected by Mastery of Concentration anymore

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