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Patch #49
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Author:  Adam [ Thu Mar 05, 2015 7:21 am ]
Post subject:  Patch #49

  • Updated: Keep Lords difficulty lowered again (but they deal more damages)

  • Updated: Keep Lords also reward with few Realm Points (if they have not been killed the last 10 minutes, and if the keep/tower is at least level 3)

  • Updated: Keep Lord Keys provide a lot more Blood Seals than any other item

  • Updated: Stealthers with Climb Walls ability are now always allowed to enter Darkness Falls

  • Updated: Disconnected character in Darkness Falls, will remain in Darkness Falls (this also solve the LinkDeath issue)

  • Added: /online now shows Darkness Falls population, and which realm owns it

  • Added: Craft: Many Potions and Poisons from Alchemy are now implemented
    Caution: previously crafted items with such procs have been removed from inventories

  • Fixed: Market is now correctly working with crafted items

  • Fixed: You can now remove Phaseshift from your buff bar if you choose to

  • Fixed: Cure resurrection illness (ML8 Perfector) fixed

  • Updated: Lowered siegeram price at the siege merchant.

  • Updated: Mounts prices are now in gold instead of bounty points (mounts are available in your capital city)

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