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Patch #45
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Author:  Adam [ Wed Feb 25, 2015 6:55 am ]
Post subject:  Patch #45

  • Fixed: Vampiir : Self Destruction (buff shear) has now a recast delay of 15 sec.

  • Fixed: Archery Damage Calculation : We reworked the entire calculation system for archery, (Physical arrows and Magical arrows do not work in the same way) after multiple tests we are now live like.

  • Fixed: Magical arrow and Bolts are now affected by magical vulnerabilities on armor (same as legendary weapons)

  • Fixed: Resist Piercing will now affect arrow damage.

  • Fixed: Default Arrow damage set to Thrust instead of Slash.

  • Fixed: Long Shot cast time reduced from 7.0 sec to 5.0 sec.

  • Fixed: Speed warp will no longer put the caster in combat if a player attack his speedwarp.

  • Updated: RvR missions have now a maximum range for validation.

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