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 Post subject: Patch #41
PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2015 7:28 am 
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  • Fixed: Theurgist : Air pets are now going to stun their target correctly.

  • Fixed: Cabalist : Amber Simulacrum will now try to stun its target, Emerald Simulacrum will now try to disease and dot its target.

  • Fixed: Minstrels should now be able to use their instant spells while casting their mez song.

  • Fixed: Trainers will now display the right icon for each song, when you specialize your character.

  • Updated: Event Area :
    - All players can now join the Event zone by using their realm teleporter, even if they are not participating.
    - Players who wish to spectate a event can use /spectate in the Event zone only.
    - Players in spectate mod can see the group window / mini group (health,endurance,buffs,debuffs...) of their target, it also change the color of the name of all players in the group to help you to distinguish which group you are following/supporting.

  • Updated: 8v8 GvG is now available on your realm teleporter (once you have been ported in the GvG Setup, a group of 8 players is required to port on Agramon)

  • Updated: Buff Save : All self buffs and concentration buffs are now saved after a disconnect. (it's only the beginning, we are redoing entirely the way buffs are saved, we will add artifacts and other effects later)

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