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 Post subject: Patch #40
PostPosted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 6:33 am 
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  • Fixed: Bolt, arrow and focus animation (heretic) will now display a proper animation speed (our animation was too slow in some case)

  • Added: Invocation Stones : potions which allow you to summon a charmable pet. (added in the gold trader merchant)

  • Fixed: Heretic have received a major update in its spells.
    - All focus are now interruptible with melee and distant attack (except for Torrential Blaze, only interruptible in melee)
    - There is now a damage cap on every focus.
    - All focus have now a maximum duration.
    - Corrected many casting animations.
    - Added all tooltips
    - Added Check LOS
    - All spells values are now live like:
    Charplan had outdated values, some tooltips from live are telling wrong information, so we had to test every spell by hand on Pendragon to be perfectly live'like
    - Instant snare: unbreakable the first 5 seconds
    - other minor adjustments (cast time, tick time...)
    - Monster Rez

  • Updated: Increased the duration of siegeram from 10 min to 25 min.

  • Updated: Keep door : Reduced the amount of health.

  • Fixed: Skald Endurance Reduction is now a group buff instead of a self buff.

  • Added: Thane Resist Pierce buff tooltips

  • Added: Eden core version (3.0), Patch version (#40), and code version in the /serverinfo command

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