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 Post subject: Patch #32
PostPosted: Mon Jan 26, 2015 7:29 am 
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  • Fixed: You should now be able to climb walls if your character got the right ability.

  • Fixed: The new buff range system is now available once again. (was disabled 3 days ago to fix an issue)

  • Fixed: Debuff stats should now be removed correctly after the end of their duration (some debuffs were not removed after the end of the timer, which allowed in some case to "stack" debuff on a character)

  • Fixed: Animist short and long duration absorption buffs will now have a cast time, power cost and a cast range.

  • Fixed: Crocodile ring should now work as intended (AoE group speed is disabled, only the 5% conversion proc is enabled).

  • Added: Helper NPC : Npc available near every starting locations, to help players to understand how Eden works.

  • Added: Siege rams are now available at your Portal Keep.

  • Fixed: Immune snare/root will no longer prevent to use Charge.

  • Fixed: Vampiir Self Destruction (Buff Shear) doesn't have a recast delay anymore

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