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Author:  Heagen [ Mon Apr 16, 2012 10:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Rules

Greetings dear Eden players. In this thread I will try to explain and point out what kind of behavior will NOT be tolerated on Eden, regarding both game and forums.

Forum rules:
- General and other sections are primarily sections in which you must use English language. There are sub-forums for German, Italian, etc languages. So, keep the main board in English.
- Player bashing is not allowed and can lead to a temporary/permanent ban from the forums.
- Spam topics will be deleted.

General Rules:
- Player bashing is not allowed, this can lead to a temporary ban.
- Spamming public channels is not allowed, this can lead to a temporary ban.
- Any insults in the broadcast will result in a jail and can eventually lead to a temporary/permanent ban.
- Using any sort of 3rd party programs (Speedhack, Flyhack, Radar) is strictly not allowed and if a player is caught using this, it will be a permanent ban on the account and IP address.
- Offensive attitude toward GMs will not be tolerated, remember, GMs are there just to keep things smooth. It will lead to a permanent ban.
- Pretending to be a member of staff is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.
- We like to keep our staff members anonymous to our players and anyone not obeying this rule (even those who know the identity of the staff members) will be punished with a temporary ban.
- Bug abusing is strictly not allowed, this can result in removal of the benefits gained, temporary or a permanent ban.
- /en is specifically made for English-language only, this can lead to a mute from public channels, jail-time, or even a temporary ban. Players can use /fr /cz /it /de for other languages.
- RP farming can lead to a temporary or a permanent ban, along with RR reset on all your characters. The more severe the RP farm, the more severe punishment. Remember, we have logs of your kills and it is our job to check them to prevent this from happening.

Naming policies:
- Your character's name/last name must not contain any kind of reference to certain individuals, such as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Slobodan Milosevic or similar, this can lead to a forced name change, or a temporary ban.
- Your character's name/last name must not contain any kind of offensive reference to religious, national, historic figures, or members of the staff.
- Your guild name must not contain any offensive words or any reference to certain offensive things, like "9/11 Squad" or similar.

Modelling rules:
- You are not allowed to model your weapon if your character cannot use that weapon (for example, a Nightshade wielding a Polearm).
- You are not allowed to model your armor if your character cannot wear that type of armor (for example, a Runemaster wearing Plate armor).
- You are not allowed to model a sword with a axe model even if your character is able to use sword and axe. 1H Sword= 1H Sword, 2H Crush= 2H Crush.
- You are not allowed to model an armor type to another even if your character is able to wear it. Ex: Modeling a Plate armor with Cloth armor is not allowed BUT, if your base item is a Cloth part, you are allowed to wear it.
- Repeated "model abuse" can lead to a temporary/permanent ban.

RvR rules:
- Buffbots (DI/Spread bot and Bodyguard bot included) and Multiboxing is no longer allowed on Eden.

GvG rules:

- Adding is STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED. In this section, I will explain what adding means. Let's say 3 groups are roaming around GvG area. Group 1 and group 2 meet and start fighting, group 3 sees that and is NOT ALLOWED to add on the fight. Let's say that group 1 wins the fight, group 3 IS NOT ALLOWED to instantly engage group 1. They can engage after BOTH GROUPS start roaming again. If a group is standing still in the GvG zone, you are NOT ALLOWED to engage them, they might be rebuffing/waiting for a disconnected player/waiting for AFK or whatever. I hope I made this clear for everyone, this will be dealt with a temporary ban.
- If two groups of a different size (5vs4, 4vs3...) want to fight in GvG, the group with less players needs to accept the challenge of the other group, if the smaller group does not want to fight the bigger group, the bigger group is not allowed to freely engage on the smaller group.
- 1vs1 is not allowed in GvG, but tolerated when the population is low. If there are groups roaming and you are trying to 1vs1 in the middle of the roaming zone, you can't complain if they kill you.
- It is not allowed to use the GvG as a "safe area" or a way to make your enemies fight each other when you started to fight in RvR.
- Buff bots are not allowed in the GvG zone.

PvP rules:
- Adding is not allowed in this zone, except for one exception. Let's say Tom, Mark and Fred are running around the PvP zone. Tom attacks Mark and they start fighting, Fred sees that (neither of them are grouped together) and engages Tom as well. They both kill Tom and now Mark and Fred are the only ones left alive. They MUST FIGHT until one of them is alive. This is to prevent zerging in the PvP zone.
- Certain classes are not allowed in the PvP zone due to balance issues, those classes are: Warlock, Valkyrie, Vampiir, Bonedancer, Bainshee and Mauler. There might be changes regarding some classes, or some classes might be added/removed to/from the list.
- Buff bots are not allowed in the PvP zones.
- Breaking Crowd Control spells (Mesmerize, Root) is NOT ALLOWED, if you do break a spell, the main rule for adding is applied, you must continue to fight, this can lead to jail-time or a temporary ban.

PvE rules:
- "Leeching" mobs is not allowed. If a player has pulled a mob, unless he/she asks for help, you are not allowed to attack that mob. This can lead to a temporary ban.
- Any attempt to steal/jack loots will result in a 24hour ban + all the accounts where the loots went will be erased. No need to say, on a second attempt, it will result in a permanent ban.

GM rules:
- I would like to dedicate this section to let you know what a GM is allowed to do.
- A GM can teleport his character to the PvP zone at any time.
- A GM can teleport his character to the Celestius/Darkness Falls at any time.
- If a GM is playing his normal character, he is not allowed to have his GM account in the same zone as his player account.
- Please note, GameMasters do not have access to the commands that allow "character-tweaking" or item customization, nor can they give out Bounty Points/Realm Points.
(please note that this is not a complete list and some more rules will probably be added, I might have forgotten some)

See you online!

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