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 Post subject: How to report a bug
PostPosted: Wed Dec 25, 2013 1:48 pm 
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Welcome to the bug report section! We understand that some things may not work as intended, that's why we need your support and aid to minimize or completely negate the negative effect of bugs. We urge you to report any bugs that you find so that we may forward them to our coding team who will take care of the bug.

Reporting a bug is very simple, you can elaborate on the following things:
When does the bug occur?
Why does the bug occur?
If something is not as it should be, provide a link from a reliable website.
Screenshot, if necessary:
Video, even better:

Remember, we will reward players who are reporting bugs and are contributing to the community. Rewards are special titles for you bug hunters, and maybe some Bounty Points as time goes on. The more detailed report, the better!

Note: Reporting a bug during Open Beta test phase will still count as if you did it when the server is live. Less bugs means more fun!

Rewards are as follows:
- 2 successful bug reports: "Bug Hunter" title
- 4 successful bug reports: "Etnomophobic" title
Keep in mind that the bugs need to be confirmed, and the more detailed report you give us, the better

We also reward players who keep track of those pesky model abusers, rewards are:
- 2 successful reports: "Fashion Police" title
- 3 successful reports: "Fashion Guru" title

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