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 Post subject: Keep Walls/Towers
PostPosted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 2:23 am 
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Okay... so this is about damaging other structures besides the keep/tower doors (doors work perfectly fine btw - they got fixed in the past).

Let's say you want to do damage elsewhere and provide another means of entry into a keep. Doing this can help your realm. So you do damage to a keep wall and it takes you a while to fully destroy it and leave a hole wide open. You allow yourself and your realmmates to go in and attempt a CK re-take. Because the wall is 0%, it cannot be attacked by players anymore. After several minutes go by, you either get somewhere... or let the bodies hit the floor and retreat. lol :P BUT WAIT!!! You can't retreat! The hole is closed! "WTF NOOO WE'RE TRAPPED QQ!" and your enemies are like "YAY WTFBBQ!!!"... or so the tragic/heroic story goes. :P Yes yes, I know... be serious - this is a bug report forum! 8-x

Yes, the hole automatically closes after 3-8 minutes and is back to full health. I suspect this has something to do with the wall self-repairing itself (self-regen) after the first tick. What is the first tick value? I assumed the wall is supposed to regenerate 1% every XXX seconds, but this does NOT happen... and I think the value in the SQL DB (or in the code somewhere) is wrong and may be larger than the health of the wall itself. Or it is something else entirely that I don't know of. :P

For towers, you can raze them at any level and they come back to life with full health after several minutes at level 1. They do not stay razed.

Also, you do NOT need to fully destroy the CK wall/tower for this bug to happen. All you need to do is damage it a little and watch the regen tick the structure back to 100% in one go. This bug has happened in 1.114... and still continues in the new 1.116a patch.

I wrote 1-2 bug reports over this one. Not sure if it got missed or what... but leaving this one here on the bug forum just in case. I guess this is medium-low priority? It doesn't bother players if a tower/keep is really low level... but at higher levels, they can be a pain in the *** because your only choice is to wreck the door and go in that way. -.- TYVM!

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 Post subject: Re: Keep Walls/Towers
PostPosted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 4:31 am 
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We have fixed some huge bugs on our keep system, but there is still work to do.
We fixed urgent matter then we switched to another problem, but yeah we need to do more fix on keep/tower (hookpoint,wall regen,repair, trebuchet....)

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